The Food Advocate is Dr. Habib Al Mulla, probably better known as one of the UAE’s most respected lawyers.

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As much as loving food itself, Dr. Habib loves the culture, art and industry that surrounds it. His passion has taken him to the world’s most notable restaurants (over 700 reviews and counting).

No commissions, sponsors, fluff or flattery

Dr Habib pays, eats and reviews on Instagram @habibalmulla, and we publish it here in a searchable format. Our reviews are absolutely independent and is not influenced by commissions. If (like us) you’re all about the quality of the food, Dr Habib’s straightforward rating system will let you know where to go next on your own culinary adventure. 

So, where will you find the craziest experimental dishes, the newest restaurant openings or the most Michelin stars in your city? Type in your location and find it on The Food Advocate.